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It’s been a while since you last heard from me, and a lot has changed in these intervening months. I’m not a fan of New Year resolutions per se, but with a new diary, a new calendar—and all those crisp, blank pages just aching to be written in—comes the ideal time to breathe new life into passions we’ve perhaps neglected.

Along with revamping the site layout, I’ve committed myself to keeping a more frequent blog, working through my backlog of Works in Progress, and publishing much, much more in the coming year.

I also took a leap of faith and finally had some professional head-shots done—that’s a big deal for me; although I’ve never been a fan of how I look, I love the way these turned out.

In the coming weeks (and months) you can expect:

  • The long-awaited release of Threads Rewoven, the Omnibus collection of Prompted Musings
  • Articles, including The Resolution Revolution—10 tips on making changes in your life, and sticking to them
  • Launch of the charity anthology The Longest Night Watch, Volume 3, featuring my favourite short story so far, Stealing Dreams
  •  Progress updates, with exclusive previews from a variety of books

And more…

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