A Gentle Start to 2016

After the festivities of the previous few weeks, I know I’m not the only one still wishing for an extra few hours in bed. My writing has taken a back seat of late, but only in as much that I’ve not penned anything new. Instead, with the time I’ve had at my keyboard, I’ve been busy editing and polishing two short stories, as well as trying to tie together the loose ends for my contributions to Prompted Musings Volume Three.

If you’ve followed along with Prompted Musings, you would be expecting to see Volume Three any day soon. I’m sorry to say that, for the time being, the book is on hold. Reality and circumstance conspire against the best of us, although I have spoken to both Sophia and Alexander since the new year, and they each assure me that things are progressing as they should, just a little slower than expected.

My New Year’s Resolution for 2016 is to continue trying new things. To expand my horizons and add to my wealth of experiences. I wasn’t sure how I could do much about that this weekend; the weather has been far from appealing, and my bank balance mocks any of my grander ideas. I needed something new, and something free. Scrolling idly through Facebook I saw someone mention a drabble they’d written. I remembered meaning to try writing one myself, when I had first heard of them last year, but never getting around to it.

So, head down and pen to paper, I did just that. At only 100 words, it’s not worth publishing on its own. However, I am considering including it as part of the bonus content for the Prompted Musings Omnibus. For now, that is little more than a passing thought; I will, of course, have to discuss it with my fellow authors. Perhaps they’ll also want to try their hand at writing a drabble.

I’m a few days late in saying this, but I hope you enjoyed whatever celebrations you took part in, and that this year brings with it only pleasant surprises.