About the Author

J.R. Bournville is an author from Scotland, UK. She enjoys lives a quiet, contented life, surrounded by overflowing bookshelves and partly finished manuscripts. The enchanting nature of the written word has always been a source of enjoyment for her; it was only a matter of time before the compulsion to write took hold.

Her passion for writing manifests itself as fiction, specifically short stories and poetry, with a distinct fondness for the unusual and the darker side of life.

Despite living with longterm illness, J.R. achieved a major goal of moving from the city to living a more rural life—a journey which she touches upon in her book Embracing Possibilities. J.R. now has her sights set on achieving a balance between success and happiness through writing.

Along with her fiction work, J.R. also writes non-fiction, sharing the lessons life has taught her and advice she wishes she could’ve had. Her next dream goal is to cruise through the Fjords and enjoy a drink or two under the Midnight Sun.