Aside from NaNoWriMo

NaNoWriMo Header

So far, November is going well. The planning I did beforehand has served me well, and with several years’ NaNoWriMo experience under my belt, I understand my particular writing habits far better than before. As we are now a week into the event, I’m at the point where my mind begins to wander. I thrive when I have more than one project to work on, and find that trying to stick to just one for my November writing can stifle my creativity.

This year, I wholeheartedly embraced that side of me.

For a mental break from writing my NaNoWriMo entry—and to quell the fury of my inner editor—I’ve been running through some edits for another short story. I’m not in any hurry to get through this, since the break from writing is more than welcome. However, I suspect it could be ready for release around the start of December.

I’ll be posting more about it as we draw closer to the release. Watch this space for details.