A Humourless Death

A Humourless Death
Genres: Horror, Short story
Publication Year: 2016
Length: Short story
ISBN: 9781512256857
He who laughs last, laughs loudest. A Humourless Death is a short story about a young boy, enchanted by the lure of the circus. With the boundless enthusiasm of youth he dreams of becoming a clown. As an adult, that dream is no closer to becoming a reality. Faced with an ideal opportunity, the young man seeks out his childhood hero.
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About the Book

Kevin, a young man who has dreamed of becoming a clown for most of his life, seeks out his childhood hero. Meeting face to face the clown who inspired him so many years before, Kevin learns some bitter truths. The clown, showing his true colours, dismisses Kevin and thinks no more of their conversation. Filled with the bitter anger of rejection, Kevin seeks his own form of revenge.

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