New short story released

Introducing Company of the RavenPaperback cover for Company of the Raven

It will probably come as no great surprise that one of my biggest influences is Edgar Allan Poe. His writing has fascinated me since our first encounter, many years ago, and is what made this book such a pleasure to write.

However, due to a crisis of confidence (among other things) I postponed publishing it. After a while away from actively writing, and much contemplation and assessment of what I want to do with my time, I was ready to get back behind the keyboard. I then discovered that I’d received a great review on The Old House which gave me the push I needed. I finally clicked the publish button yesterday.

Company of the Raven is a short story based on what is probably the most well-known of Edgar Allan Poe’s work; The Raven.

Click here to get your copy of Company of the Raven, available as both Kindle ebook and also in paperback.